Working Group Sustainability in Dermatology (AGN) e.V.

Professional societies

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Logo - DGAI.png

Joint forum of the German DGAI and the BDA

Logo - ABD.jpg

Responsible for occupational and environmental skin diseases in the DDG

Logo - JuDerm.png

Young dermatologists in the professional association of German dermatologists (BVDD)

Logo - VdPP.jpg

Association of Democratic Pharmacists

Health insurance companies

Sustainable initiatives for the health sector

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Logo - ProjektResilare.png

Development and evaluation of quality indicators and criteria to support the crisis resilience of medical practices

Logo - KLUG.png

German Alliance for Climate Change and Health

Logo - HealthForFuture.png

Action network of members of various health professions for the implementation of climate protection measures

Logo - HealthCareWithoutHarm.png

Global initiative for a climate-friendly health sector

Logo - Klimaneutraler-Gesundheitssektor.png

Initiative for a climate-friendly transformation of the health sector

Logo - HealthForFuture.png

Presentation of connections between health and ecological crisis

Logo - PhFF.jpg

Initiative of the VdPP for climate and health

Further initiatives

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Logo - Project Plastic Extinction.png

Plastic avoidance initiative

Logo - atiptap.png

Initiative campaigning for tap water, against packaging waste and for an ecologically sustainable lifestyle

Logo - Medtec Online.png

Community portal for the medical technology innovation ecosystem