Working Group Sustainability in Dermatology (AGN) e.V.

With your membership you support the aims of the working group by allowing us to publish your name on our homepage. Membership is free of charge for you and does not involve any obligation. You can revoke it at any time. Members can only become interested parties if they work provably in the health sector.

Chair of the plastic and sustainability working group in dermatology



Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Susanne Saha, Dermatology, Freiburg

1st chairperson

Dr. med. Christina Hecker, Dermatology, Cologne

2nd chairman

Advisory members

Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Augustin, Dermatology, Hamburg

Working Group Health Economics and Evidence-Based Medicine of the DDG (AGED)

Prof. Dr. med. Silke Hofmann, Dermatology, Wuppertal

Chief Physician of the Centre for Dermatology, Allergology and Dermatosurgery of the Helios University Hospital Wuppertal

Prof. Dr. med. Beate Müller, General Medicine, Cologne

Head of the Institute for General Medicine at the University Hospital Cologne


Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Nast, Dermatology, Berlin

Head of the Guideline Commission, German Society of Dermatology (DDG)


Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Skudlik, Dermatology, Osnabrück

Working group for occupational and environmental dermatology eV


Working groups

Working group on plastic, questionable ingredients in externals and over-the-counter medicines:
Head: Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Susanne Saha, Dermatology, Freiburg

Esther Luhmann, Pharmacy, Valencia, Spain (VdPP)

Working group on sustainable clinic and practice management:
Head: Dr. med. Christina Hecker, Dermatology, Cologne

Dr. med. Anne Hübner, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Hamburg (KLUG e.V.)
Dr. med. Christin Löffler, Dermatology, Heilbronn
Working group on academic projects and digital medicine:
Head: Dr. med. Dennis Niebel, Dermatology, Regensburg
Ruben Heuer, research assistant, Charité, Berlin
Sebastian Strube, Dermatology, Marburg
Working group on aesthetic-cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic ingredients:
Head: Dr. med. Su Youn Becker-Weimann, Dermatology, Karlsruhe

The APN is looking for more active members who are welcome to join a WG. One-off project-related contributions are also welcome.
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Dr. med. Carolin Adldinger, Neurology, Freising


Dr. med. Claudia Baldauf, Dermatology, Bad Reichenhall

Dr. med. Katrin Baumann Conzett, Dermatology, Lucerne (Switzerland)


Dr. med. Su Youn Becker-Weimann, Dermatology, Frankfurt


Simone Becherer, Psychology studies, Freiburg

Kendra Mahela Bernhardt, Specialist in health and social affairs, Karlsruhe


Dr. med. Jörg Bettinger, Dermatology, Karlsruhe

Dr. med. Jeannine Both, Dermatology, Stäfa (Switzerland)


Dr. med. Lukas Brendel, Dermatology Karlsruhe

Dr. med. Susanne Bühler-Singer, Dermatology, Uttenreuth

Dr. med. Marion Büttner, Dermatology, Dieburg

Dr. med. Peter Dietz, Dermatology, Ampfing


Dr. med. Dorit Düker, Dermatology, Berlin

Dr. med. Barbara Erni, Dermatology, Basel (Switzerland)

Dr. med. Susanne Filfil, Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Cologne

Dr. med. Katharina Fischer, Dermatology, Karlsruhe

Dr. med. dent. Tobias Fuchte, Dentistry, Cologne


Dr. med. Ulf Gieme, Dermatology, Meinerzhagen


Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Gillitzer, Dermatology, Kempten

Regina Havenith, Dermatology, Bonn


Dr. med. Norbert Hecker, General Medicine, Cologne

​​Dr. med. Sabine Heselhaus, Surgery, Adligenswil (Switzerland)

Ruben Heuer, Scientific employee Charité, Berlin


Dr. med. Stefan Hörster, Dermatology, Freiburg

Prof. Dr. med. Sven Malte John, Dermatology, Osnabrück

Dr. med. Friederike Kauer, Dermatohistopathology, Berlin

Dr. med. univ. Mahitab Khalifa-Paruch, Dermatology, Vienna (Austria)


Dr. med. Jenda Körber, Dermatology, Frankfurt


Dr. med. Luisa-Maria Köhler, Paediatrics, Duisburg


Dr. med. Katja Krämer-Schultheiss, Dermatology, Giessen


Bernadett Kurz, Dermatology, Regensburg


Dr. med. Karin Lusis, Anesthesiologist, Leverkusen

Dr. med. Maria Manasterski-Unger, Dermatology, Berlin


Dr. med. Margit Meidinger, Dermatology, Vienna (Austria)

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Meissner, Dermatology, Frankfurt

​​ Dr. med. Sonja Micudaj, General Medicine, Ladbergen

Dr. med. Nadia Mikhaimer, Dermatology, Rendsburg

Vasileos Mileounis, Dermatology, Karlsruhe

Dr. med. Annette Minnemann, Dermatology, Bornheim

Chrysanthe Mpilatis, Dermatology, Frankfurt


Dr. med. Stephanie Müller, Dermatology, Bad Rappenau


Dr. med. Dennis Niebel, Dermatology, Regensburg

Dr. med. Beate Nippesen, Dermatology, Bünde

Dr. med. Marcus Nippesen, Dermatology, Bünde


Dr. med. Beatrice Parthey, Dermatology, Düren

Viera Pauen, Medical assistant, Cologne

Anne Peus-Woltemade, Pharmacy, Sandkrug


Hannah Prinz, Radiology assistant, Freiburg


Wibke Puls, Dermatology, Bad Essen

Britta Quilitzsch, Dentistry administration, Karlsruhe


Dr. med. Monika Retterspitz, Neurology, Cologne

​​Dr. med. Wim Schaefer, Dermatology, Münster

Dr. med. Martin Schaetzle, Dermatology, Radolfzell


Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Schempp, Dermatology, Freiburg


Mareike Schmich, Dermatology, Karlsruhe


Kristina Schmid, Practice Management, Karlsruhe

Hanna Schmitt, Dermatology, Karlsruhe

​Dr. med. Katharina Schwede, Dermatology, Leipzig

Prof. Dr. med. Esther von Stebut-Borschitz, Dermatology, Cologne

Dominik Straub, Pharmacy, Cologne

Sebastian Strube, Dermatology, Marburg


Dr. rer. nat. Cara Symanzik, Health sciences, Osnabrück


Dr. med. Max Tischler, Dermatology, Dortmund


Dr. med. Ute Weiglein-Gillitzer, Dermatology, Sonthofen

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Vanscheidt, Dermatology, Freiburg

Dr. med. Manfred Wittenhorst, Dermatology, Euskirchen